Wednesday, August 2, 2023

James E. Davis

James E. Davis (1901-1974) is best known as a Princeton professor who put that university's art program on the map.  A noted experimental film producer, he was the only such to have 
been allowed by Frank Lloyd Wright to make movies of his work.  As if that weren't enough,
he also was a decent abstract artist and secretly took nude photos of his models on the side.  
Today we will look at some of those photos, but I'll post some of his male nude art 
in the future.  Our first shot is of Raul Rachou from 1971.



  1. This is good example of a shot that's both erotic and aesthetic. Check out the shadow and light on the left-side of the photo-- the contrasts artfully mirror the model's torso. Also, the young man's body is well-proportioned, in all aspects. A post to be most grateful for....

    1. You're welcome! I agree with your comment completely.