Friday, September 15, 2023

1940s Oil Field

We can see an oil field in the background here, and those derricks look like a 1940s type.



  1. I guess if you were out in the boonies, in all-male company, tending your livestock buck naked was no big deal. And the oil roustabouts were all males, so if they noticed, it would not have fazed them.

    1. You have a good point about the boonies. When I was a teenager, we hired high school boys to man the open ditch irrigation system in the hay fields. It was muddy, hot work, and some of the guys would do the work in the nude . . . as long as they were out of sight of the houses and the main road.

    2. Wow. Now that’s a great story. And I was just going to write about how good the horses look, the guys toned body and the oil rigs. I like the picture you painted of the guys working naked by choice. Oh my.

    3. We were all quite accustomed to gang showers at school and nude recreational swimming, so it was just natural. A couple of the guys' mothers were even grateful for not having to wash the mud out of their clothes.