Friday, September 15, 2023

Tumblr tidbit

This is a little tidbit I picked up during the Sack of Tumblr.
The horse has that workaday look so many of the have.



  1. Again, boondocks and all-male company...

  2. Ah, this one reminds me of perhaps the most famous horse in the history of history: Βουκεφάλας (Bucephalas), Alexander the Great's mount, which had a star in his forehead. But he would have had to have been a foal, because the fully grown horse was apparently massive. The Ancients at that point rode without saddle or spurs.

    1. We had several horsed that could be ridden with no saddle, no reins, no nothing. My favorite was Tonia because she would let me do that, but would throw off my disagreeable cousin when he tried it. I let her know which way to turn by tapping my knees against her sides and when to stop by a voice signal, the proverbial "Whoa!" Tonia's foal, Queenie, was psychotic and never good for much.

    2. Sounds like a special memory. Thanks for sharing.
      Nice photo too!

    3. You're welcome! A special memory indeed.