Monday, September 18, 2023

Kurt and Karl von Brauner

Our last tag team pairing is the Von Brauner Brothers.  They have appeared here before with 
a champitonship trophy, but they weren't really brothers.  (Actual names were Jimmy Brawner 
and Doug Donovan.)  The two teamed up when a fellow wrestler told them they looked 
remarkably alike, and they adopted a Teutonic bad guy schtick, 1960-65.



  1. Once upon a time I was a fan of wrestling, or was I a fan of wrestlers that looked like these guys? Probably the latter! If I was in a ring with any of these guys I wonder if they would be impressed by the moves I would be making! Great set!

  2. Thanks for another great concept set. I remember these guys with their Kaiser Wilhelm mustaches. Another furry grappler of yore, Dirty Dutch Mantell, was an 1980s fave-Dee Exx

    1. You're welcome, Dee! I can remember seeing Fritz von Eric on TV as a we lad on the ranch in Texas.