Sunday, December 17, 2023

Uncensored Sistine

These two figures from the Sistine Chapel were apparently not censored because they 
did not depict religious figures.  At least that's what an article I read said.  To their credit, 
the Vatican authorities allowed many of the coverings to be removed from the male 
genitalia of the main fresco during lengthy restorations completed about 1994.
While we might complaing about the tiny size, at least they are there.



  1. The "compact" genitals of these so-called "ignudi" were recognized as a visual pun on Pope Julius II's family name, "Della Rovere", "of the Oak"-- hence acorns...😉

    1. Michelangelo wasn't afraid to mock powerful people. Some of the damned in The Last Judgement were nobles and Papal officials.