Tuesday, January 23, 2024


A big bonus for those who visit the Capitoline Museum is the fact that some of the best views of the Roman Forum are from it's terraces.  I took this just as the sun peeked out of the clouds.



  1. This is really amazing. Totally agree it’s some of the best views of the forum and well worth seeing. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. It really is something to see in person, I get emotional just thinking about it! History right in front of you, you can't help getting overwhelmed by it.

    1. This was my second visit to Rome, and I did not get that view the first time. Very impressive.

  3. Heyhey! Aldo Ray was there around the premiere of The Naked And The Dead: find dozens of watermarked pictures and 2 videos on the Italian Film Archive website:,%20Aldo%22&activeFilter=persone

    the site may be slow, better use a vpn and surf via italy/francia etc

    Aldo Il Discobolo posing shirtless as an athlete at the Stadio dei Marmi