Monday, January 22, 2024

"New" Igout photos from the Metropolitan Museum.

One of the things I've learned as a blogger of vintage photos is to occasionally revisit source websites to see what "new" material may be there.  Well, for whatever reason, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has either added to their collection of Igout male nudes or put more of it on line.  Today I'm posting some of those here on the blog, starting with this interesting, but odd, pose.



  1. As ever, Jerry thank you and The Met, my favourite type of posting. An intriguing pose. An angle just right not to cause back issues. One to try.

    1. Thanks, David! I was wondering if the pose had some comfort benefit.

  2. These are wonderful! This one in particular stands out, odd as the pose is I find it quite charming.

  3. Interesting pose for a nude photo. It is similar to how guys lean in a fence to watch a game or sporting event. It those wouldn’t normally have the one arm dangling. A very nice piece. Thanks!