Sunday, April 14, 2024

Plate 325

I've posted at least one other image from Plate 325, but this one is different, 
plus the model is my favorite.  So here he is again with his barbells in action.



  1. Whilst I see no evidence of shyness in these males, did Muybridge have any observers when he worked? No doubt he had assistants. Did he ever work with females?

    1. He had at least two assistants, and he did work with nude females. My photo searches produce far more men than women, leading me to think that men were more willing to pose naked. And if you're wondering, Muybridge showed every indication of being heterosexual, even going so far as to kill his wife's lover. That's ironic, given that she was married to someone else when he took up with her. He was acquitted after a sensational trial.

  2. This is model 39 in Muybridge's Catalog of Plates, which only lists the models by number. Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify who he is.