Saturday, May 18, 2024

Beard Trim

Our last image shows a sailor getting his beard trimmed on H.M.S. Cochrane during World War II.



  1. A unique and fun posting, Jerry. Thanks!

  2. I remember getting lots of haircuts as a kid and young man until I was married, then my wife always cut my hair, which I immensely enjoyed. When she left I started cutting my own hair until I spent many years in prison. Now I am back to cutting my own hair, but it is really best done by someone who can see what is happening (chuckle). Looks terrible but haircuts are expensive. IF the barber was naked then I would DEFINITELY have to start going to the barbershop again, it would be a luxury I would HAVE to afford!!!!

  3. What a great post, I enjoyed this! The good thing now is I don't have to worry about "hair styling" anymore. I keep it shaved close to the head, that way you are in no danger of looking like Larry David or Larry from The Three Stooges!