Monday, May 20, 2024

Mark One Studio, Part 1 - Billy Hill

Alan Stone, shown above, was a Montreal photographer who did business as Mark One Studio.  
His work was very versatile, but he is best known for his physique photos.  Mr. Stone had
 rheumatoid arthritis, hence the cane in the picture above.  I'm devoting a two part set 
to him today, with part one featuring Billy Hill, Mr. Canada of 1954.



  1. Great portrait of a physique photographer and the tools of his craft.
    Alan B Stone whose physique photography style is much like Bellas and Milo.
    Stone was a contemporary of another great Canadian physique photographer, Lanza of Montreal.
    Stone was another physique photographer who suffered for his art when Montreal ended up with a homophobic mayor in the 1960s who went on a puritanical crusade binge.:( Eye on the Guy is a good documentary about Alan B Stone….:)

    1. I will have to look up Mr. Lanza's work. Too bad that Montreal had such a mayor.

  2. Some links, the Internet has many more: