Saturday, July 6, 2024

O, Canada

The brawn is under wraps in this Canadian poster, but it is there.
And they way the two men are positioned is interesting.



  1. Canada, one of the least known Allied partners in Ww2.
    From war materials essential to the war effort to manpower needed at the front, Canada heeded the call.
    Canadian resolve during Ww2 is well conveyed by this poster.

    1. Very true. They'te just about all gone now, but I once spoke to some Canadian WWII vers. When someone mentioned Dieppe, everyone went serious, even angry. I looked it up, and Dieppe was a very badly bungled operation that sacrificed a lot of Canadian lives.

    2. That it did. My Dad fought in North Africa and the Sicily campaign in 1943. Many years later the sons and some daughters followed the route their fathers took. I have the DVD Operation Husky and it was quite grueling in the heat. I had wished my father had lived to see it. Again, lest we forget.

    3. Thanks for sharing that, Pat. My own father served here in the Pacific, and I have been fortunate to walk in his footsteps at some key locations. As you say, lest we forget.