Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I know of only one chubby chaser in the Bum Brigade, and this if for him.
(No, it's not Albert.  You know who you are, lol.)


  1. Merci de préciser que ce n'est pas moi, Jerry. Moi ce que j'aime ce sont les belles fesses rondes et très poilues :-)
    Sommes nous nombreux dans la Bum Brigade?
    Je pensais être le seul à adorer les beaux culs!!
    Please specify that it's not me, Jerry. Me what I like is the beautiful round ass and very hairy :-)
    Are we many in the Bum Brigade?
    I thought I was the only one to love the beautiful asses !!

    1. No, it's not Albert. There are quite a few derriere fanciers in the Brigade who don't comment publicly as much as Albert does, and one of them has confided to me in a private message that he is a chubby chaser. I find it wonderful that my viewers have such wide ranging tastes. Everyone is welcome here!

  2. C'est dommage que les visiteurs ne commentent pas. Cela permettrait de lier connaissance et de se faire des nouveaux amis qui ont les même goûts ... J'ai l'ipression d'être le président d'une brigade invisible LOL
    It's a shame that visitors do not comment. This would make it possible to link acquaintances and make new friends who have the same tastes ... I have the impression of being the president of an invisible brigade LOL

    1. More public comments would be good, but I do enjoy the private messages and respond to them.