Sunday, October 20, 2019

I should know who these AMG models are, but I don't.
Edited to add:  Dan G. wrote an email to tell me the guy being lifted is Tico Patterson,
and jsstrand wrote in the comments that the other guy is Buddy Houston.


  1. Another lovely nude wrestling image. Their faces show the joy, pain and exhilaration of two men wrestling skin to skin. I have been lucky to do this several times. The feeling remains with you..your tense muscles against his, both sweating, often feeling his cock against yours. The first time we were able to wrestle hard. Others for life modelling, under full lovely ..try it..

  2. Looks like Tico Patterson and Buddy Houston

  3. ps - the photo might be flipped as Tico's tat appears on his left arm in his photos in the Bob's World book