Friday, March 20, 2020

Academic Poses, Part 1 - Physique Era Nude Photos

When the physique era of the 1940's and 50's came along, most those great photographers, 
whether by design or coincidence, mimicked many of the poses used in 19th Century academic art.  Today I begin our Friday art themed double feature with five of my favorite physique 
photos of men with staffs, a motif which shows up again and again in both genres.
We start with Victor Rubin in a seated pose as photographed by Lon of New York.


  1. Beautiful photograph. Beautiful softly oiled body. And look how that tendon (?) that runs down his neck is highlighted. To say nothing of his low hanging scrotum, and even bow strong and solid his foot looks. Nothing like a man. I'm smitten.

    1. Yes, the oil actually works in this one because is was used sparingly. As you note, there's a lot to like!

  2. Wow. Perfection...what a pose...stunning...