Monday, March 9, 2020

Jan Gilbert and Jim Morris posed for this studio photo for Lon of New York.


  1. Je trouve que c'est bizarre que certains hommes très jeunes on déjà leurs testicules qui pendent aussi bas. Aujourd'hui, certains mettent des poids pour allonger leurs scrotums, mais je suppose qu'à l'époque que ça ne faisait pas. Je n'aime pas trop un homme avec les couilles qui pendent trop, même si elles sont très volumineuses....comme le modèle sur la photo.
    I find it odd that some very young men already have their testicles hanging so low. Today, some people put on weights to lengthen their scrotums, but I suppose at the time that it did not work. I do not really like a man with balls that hang too much, even if they are very large .... like the model in the photo.

  2. Air temperature at the location of the photo can also have an effect on how much some body parts shrink or expand.

    1. Indeed, Jim. Many years ago, I had a very good doctor who encouraged his male patients to regularly do a testicular self-exam. He told us to do it at the end of a hot shower because, "It's convenient, and everything loosens up and hangs lower so you can examine them more easily." And of course we've all seen the Seinfeld episode where George had just been swimming in cold water when observed nude by a woman. He tried to explain it to Elaine, who said, "I don't see how you guys walk around with those things."