Monday, March 9, 2020

Pat Milo took this picture of Don Hawksley who appears 
to be getting into the shallow end of a pool.
Edited to add:  See Calorman's comment for photographer ID
as Bruce of LA and some interesting details.


  1. The übersexy Don Hawksley started modelling in the late 1950s, which would explain the pompadour hair in this shot. He did a whole series of nude studies in Bruce Bellas's back garden with exactly the same hair and so I can only assume that this is one in the series. They didn't hit the magazines for legal reasons until a decade later and must have been for private purchase - as Don himself was, enjoying a career as one of Hollywood's highest-paid and in-demand hustlers. A later shoot in Bellas's garden has Joe Napoli lounging beside a pool on what looks to be brick paving which caught on in the 1960s, and so I can only assume Bellas had his paving redone. This is certainly not the AGM pool, because that had a darker stone edging.

    1. Thanks for the interesting details. I should have suspected Bruce as the source. You are right about the "private distribution" concept, but Bruce didn't keep it private enough and ended up in legal trouble for sending frontal nude material through the mail to his clients. He did, of course, have a barely legal magazine called "The Male Figure" which was mostly posing strap with occasional derriere shots. It must have been successful because there are lots and lots of old issues for sale on line at fairly low prices.

    2. Bruce Bellas' home did not have a pool.
      Any pool photos were taken at someone else's home.
      If you check some pool photos with his models David Zurborg and Mark Nixon, you can see the house in the background. It is elevated above pool level and is 2 stories. Bruce Bellas house was 1 story and on level ground.
      Rj in the IE

  2. He's a looker! But having a weapon that size does no harm.

  3. I am sure that third leg helped his career "as one of Hollywood's highest-paid and in-demand hustlers"!