Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bill Melby looks very statuesque in this Bruce of LA photo.


  1. Il est rare de voir des hommes avec des poses aussi académiques que celle-ci, dommage, elle ressemble à une photo de studio...
    It is rare to see men with poses as academic as this one, too bad, it looks like a studio photo ...

  2. I have always thought these were photographed on the shore of The Great Salt Lake. Other photos by Bruce of models like Dnnis Christensen photographed there at a bath house for swimmers or "floaters" in the Great Salt Lake. I have a photo on my blog of Dennis with same background.

  3. I have several photos of this fellow (which I too have named as Bill Melby). The thing is I don't think it IS Bill Melby. Every other photo I have of Bill Melby shows a fine hairy chest and rather hairy legs (a predilection of mine, hence he is a favourite!). The man here looks more like Jim Park, but I'm not convinced it is him either! Quite a quandary!

  4. Ok, I stand corrected. I hopped on over to Male Models Vintage Beefcake (my go to for source info) and Mike 'the content producer' names him as Bill Melby "early in his career". Maybe he shaved at that time - it's certainly common (see Andy Kozak's photos for example). I defer to Mike's greater knowledge and experience.

    1. Several popular models went back and forth on the body hair thing, so don't feel bad. Also, some men become hairier with age, and a few models show more later in their careers or when they switched to pro wrestling. Of course, I share your appreciation for fur.