Wednesday, June 10, 2020

George Solo did several extensive shoots for J. Brian.  My collection of his work is big enough that I can give him a future double feature and still have variety on the day.  He is one of only two J. Brian models for whom I can find considerable numbers of both nude and non-nude photos.


  1. George was very manly where it matters. J Brian did a series of pictures of him wearing near see-through Jockey Skants that I came across when writing my history of sportswear. (Jockey Skants were widely marketed as a "sports brief" that could replace the traditional jockstrap.) The pictures were attributed to Vitruvian and not knowing the connection, did not know George's surname or the photographer. Thank you so very much for joining the dots...

    1. . . . and thank you for some fascinating additional information!

  2. In fact, it is the straight models whose fate is best known. Many spanned the muscle-man, strap and full-frontal eras and made no bones about their nude work. As for the gay guys, I wonder if too many of them perished in AIDS outbreak. So many fine men were lost.