Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Surfer Double Feature, Part 1 - Nudes on the Beaches

Surfing is the theme for our Wednesday double feature.
Is this model's hair naturally curly, or is it one of those mid-70's perm jobs?


  1. Bonjour à tous. En Belgique, nous ne pratiquons pas le surf, les vagues sont assez petites sur nos 65 kilomètres de côte et le climat ne s'y prête pas trop non plus. J'avoue que si j'habitais Hawaii, je serais tenté de surfer... Une question que je me pose: est-il courant de surfer complètement nu ou est-ce des exceptions juste pour les photos?
    Good morning all. In Belgium, we do not practice surfing, the waves are quite small on our 65 km of coast and the climate does not lend itself too well either. I admit that if I lived in Hawaii, I would be tempted to surf ... A question I ask myself: is it common to surf completely naked or are these exceptions, just for photos?

    1. Unfortunately it is not common to surf nude in Hawaii.

  2. Great, another classic from my formative years. Still as lovely...I once saw a couple of guys surfing nude, after the crowds had gone. Beautiful to watch...