Saturday, August 8, 2020

Unknown Biker Day

Today I'm featuring some bikers whose named I don't know even though I 
have a hunch about who a couple of the photographers may have been.
I wonder if this guy just burned his behind on that hot motorcycle seat.


  1. Pauvre garçon qui a sans doute eu ses fesses brulées sur le cuir de la selle de sa moto...Il devrait venir près de moi, j'ai un remède miracle contre les douleurs au cul :-)
    Poor boy who probably had his buttocks burnt on the leather of the saddle of his motorcycle ... He should come near me, I have a miracle cure for ass pain :-)

    1. You should open a clinic . . . a private one of course.

  2. I used to think this was an early photo of Roy Bergen (aka Champ), but it's not. I don't think I ever got a name for him, though. Another AMG photo with a guy and a bike.