Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Larry Scott (1938-2014) was born and raised in Idaho, but moved to California at age 20 
after winning a minor regional bodybuilding competition.  There he became a multiple 
title champion.  Although photographed by several West Coast physique photographers
 including Pat Milo and Bruce of LA, he returned to the Mountain West for Don Whitman to photograph him for what are now considered his signature images.  When I see this, 
I think of pride, confidence, and a finely sculpted body in beautiful surroundings.



  1. Larry always seems to add an element of grace and gravitas to all his photos. He usually comes across as an Olympian and here he's on Mt. Olympus guarding it from trouble. Several of these models also have the Olympian air about them, which is what I think Whitman was doing.