Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Locker Room Update from Larry K.

Larry K. has generously provided some details on the locker room photos posted earlier today.  Rather than edit each individual post, I'm listing the info here.  Thanks, Larry!

Part 1:

Photo 2 (the trainer working on the player) a photo of the Boston Red Sox, taken by George Silk in 1956.  I don’’t know the player’s name.

Photo 3 (University of Nebraska) is by Alfred Eisenstaedt, from an undated series called “Nebraska vs Iowa Football."

Photo 4 is not Harvard players.  It depicts the MIT crew team holding Harvard shirts which they got by beating Harvard.  From a photo series “Eastern Sprint Championship” taken by Michael Rougier in 1950.

Photo 5 (Roy Campanella) was taken by Yale Joel in 1955, from a series called “Brooklyn Baseball"

Part 2:

Photo 5 is the same Cleveland Browns player as photo 1.  In both photos he is standing in the same place (in front of a doorway with steps in the background) and wringing out a cloth.  But for some reason he is minus his shorts in photo 1.  Maybe he’s wringing out his shorts?

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