Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Rogers Brothers make a repeat appearance on the beach.



  1. One odd thing from this period for me was as all the men were mostly American they were all circumcised. Uncut men of this era were quite rare. As an uncut teenager I longed to see some men who were like me.

    1. Yes, there was that slant to the pool of models. I guess it made sense as it was an American magazine.

    2. Most of the "material" I could get was poorly reprinted from American magazines. For ages I thought cut guys were more aesthetically pleasing. Even considered getting myself cut to fit in with the "clean" look. Glad I didn't, I now like both styles.

    3. Funny thing, though, most Indian men are uncut. Growing up in South Dakota near a reservation, the only cut dudes were alL white, but all the white guys, except for like, one guy I saw at the urinal at a movie theater when I was like, 12, were cut.

      For Playgirl's part, they were playing to the myth that women care about such things.