Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Classic Recliners!

No, the heading for today isn't for an ad at Sonny's Furniture Mart.  I'm featuring that all time classic of art, the 19th Century reclining nude today.  Somehow I have managed to not post this excellent photo by Guglielmo von Pluschow until now.  The look on the models face is absolutely great.



  1. Wonderful pose, those eyes... You can almost hear the model chatting with Guglielmo. Considering the date and length of exposure there is quite a lot of musculature detail. He seems very confident and used to being in this sort of pose. And yes.. his penis has fallen into a natural and aesthetically appealing position...

  2. Many thanks for posting "my kind of thing". As inspiring as ever...

  3. At first, I thought that I had misread "19th century. It's a beautiful image ... and sexy, also.

    1. The nude bronze on the table at left is a nice touch, too.