Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Herman Heid is generally given as the photographer for this reclining nude taken from the rear.



  1. This is lovely...Well posed Sir...Tricky to get something that is both interesting to draw and comfortable for the model.

    1. Heid doesn't always get his due as a photographer because his photos were mixed up with those of the better known Igout in an album published for artists to use as studies. Neither photographer was given any attribution in that book, and it didn't help that their styles are very similar. This is a very excellent photo on several levels.

    2. I had only vaguely heard of him. Thanks for informing us. It is an excellent photograph in many ways. I like that fact that it is not a conventional "academic" pose. It is from the rear, may have mentioned rear/back poses are not popular with some artists. A pity, as the body language of the model still conveys so much emotion despite not being able to see the face. One for me to try...

    3. Couldn't agree more that rear poses are underrepresented by artists.

    4. I think they tend to avoid drawing backs. A few modelling session ago, one where I decide on the poses, I had to insist on a rear pose.