Sunday, December 20, 2020

One of the guys in this crowd posing for AMG is supposed to be Dale Curry.  It may seem rare for Bob Mizer to have this many models around, all with their pants on, but early in his career he took a number of promotional photos for bodybuilders.  Not that this is necessarily one of those, mind you.



  1. That's some really high-waisted bathing suits or workout shorts or ??? This would be circa what year? Late 50s, maybe?

    1. Probably more like early 50s, Piet. That's when Mizer was still doing this type of photography for competitive bodybuilders.

  2. That style of swimsuit was popular in the mid to late 40's. Probably early 50's too. Notice how all the men have their navels covered. Mizer and the other beefcake photographers snapped pictures of everyone down in Muscle Beach in the 40's.