Sunday, January 10, 2021

I'm guessing that this photo was made early in Denny Denfield's span of years as a photographer.
The technical level and the rather stilting posing are big clues.  That cropping is another,
although it may well have been done by some hack subsequently.  1950, anyone?



  1. From what I understand about Denny Denfield was he was a known photographer walking around the nude beach on the North shore, near the Presidio, in San Francisco, much like Mizer and other physique photographers did at Muscle Beach down in LA. Being a known and nonthreatening entity would get these photographers free reign to take lots of nudes from consenting adults.

    1. He did indeed become a known quantity, and that helped. I'd love to have been there when he started out and first approached potential models.

  2. The guy on the left just oozes masculinity!