Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sports Saturday

Today's theme is sports, and these two guys are fencing in a nudist camp.
I know it's a nudist camp because there's a volleyball court in the background,
and nudists camps always have volleyball courts.



  1. When do you reckon this was taken? It seems to have a faded, discolored look.

  2. Jerry, tu m'en apprends une belle!!! Je ne savais pas que tous les camps de nudistes avaient un terrain de volley-ball !! C'est sans doute pour faire voler les couilles! Deuxièmement, quel est le but en escrime nudiste? Effleurer les couilles de son adversaire en les effleurant (effleurant avec son fleuret est un jeu de mot français intraduisible en anglais) eFFLEURant---> FLEURet :-)
    Jerry, you teach me a beautiful one !!! Didn't know all nude camps have a volleyball court !! It's probably to make the balls fly! Second, what is the goal in nudist fencing? To touch the balls of his adversary while touching them (touching with his foil is a play on French untranslatable in English) eFFLEURant ---> FLEURet :-)

  3. Oh yes to fence naked..

    1. I had no idea this one would attract so much interest, lol.