Friday, February 5, 2021

Frederick Leighton's work is usually a bit more refined than this drawing,
 but it is quite effective in depicting the middle aged model's muscles.  
I know a certain life model in the London area who is a fan of Leighton.



  1. The certain life model from London here. Yes, I am a big Leighton fan. This is lovely as the model is, like myself middle-aged. But also that he is not "idealised". This I think is how he appeared the day he was drawn. Although reclined, I can tell you that this type of pose can be far from comfortable. You tend to get a battle between the supporting cushions and the arms. This does however tense the upper torso muscles outwards and the abdominals inwards. So it does give the artist a pleasing muscular definition. I've done this one many times. That could be me...

    1. Now this is one where even I realized that the pose would be a difficult one to hold. Thanks for explaining in detail just why that is so.