Wednesday, February 3, 2021

World War II Bucket Baths

Getting a bath in wartime was sometimes a rare treat.  Most armies have mobile shower units, 
but they don't always keep up with the troops who need them.  Today's photos show some men 
getting clean the best way they can in the open, with buckets, pans, and small tubs.  We start the 
show with a special for the Bum Brigade featuring some Germans on the Eastern Front.



  1. Merci Jerry pour cette superbe série de photos. Tu sais comme j'ai toujours apprécié ces photos prisent sur le vif et dans la vie de tous les jours. Les soldats en guerre méritent bien un peu de détente et d'hygiène. Chacune des photos de cette série nous fait ressentir un vrai moment de bonheur et de joie, malgré les évènements tragiques de leur vie de soldat en guerre !
    Thank you Jerry for this great set of photos. You know how I have always appreciated these photos taken on the spot and in everyday life. Soldiers at war deserve a little relaxation and hygiene. Each of the photos in this series makes us feel a real moment of happiness and joy, despite the tragic events of their life as a soldier in war!

    1. I agree 100%, Albert! It's my pleasure to post these photos.