Saturday, March 6, 2021

I wonder if the lettering on the boat spells "Bora Bora."
The younger guy looks like he's over it all.



  1. Tora Bora. The boat's owner failed geography.

  2. Le jeune est-il le fils ou le jeune amant du capitaine? Mystère :-)
    Is the youngster the son or the young lover of the captain? Mystery :-)

    1. Given the "wholesome" image cultivated by mainstream nudists of the time, probably a chaste son.

    2. American nudists still try for a wholesome image. Erections are stll a no-no, even if you fell asleep in the sun. And they enforce a strict sex ratio: Every party must have more women than men. Things are different in Europe.

      Of course, if you're genuinely healthy, you should get erections for no reason.

    3. In a text page attached so a set of images from a 1970 magazine, they had an article on "The Future of Nudism in America." It discussed the gender ratio rules and the possibility of reforming them. Apparently it didn't happen. Of course, one way around that is the all-male nudist resort, several of which exist.

    4. Be a millennial. Suddenly you're spending the (increasingly common) 100° days just laying around with the boys, likely naked, but no way could you afford a vacation to a nude resort.