Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Shower hero

All I could say when I was this guy was, "WOW!"  So I immediately started searching 
for some way to identify him.  The setting is obviously Bob Mizer's infamous shower, 
but that didn't help because none of the online collections of this material (and there are 
a lot of them) had a name.  Even my go-to ID guy, James IV, had posted the picture on 
his blog Men from Back Then with the same lament as me.  Anyone?



  1. My birthday is 21 Sept. Have him at my door with a red ribbon around his...uh...

  2. IS THIS THE MAN IN A FILM ABOUT Navy recruiting then wrestling strip with a biker????

    1. Possibly. James IV is an expert on AMG films, so maybe he will come along and enlighten us.

    2. Oh I wish could help. It sounds like Jerry is more obsessed about this guy than I am. Although it's probably not that much more. :)

      As for the film about a Navy guy stripping down and wrestling some biker. Well, that sounds like a lot of AMG films. Ha! There's one in particular called Navy Recruit dated from 1961, but since this stud posed nude I suspect it to be sometime in the late 60s to mid-70s.

      Our quest continues!

    3. Me, obsessed? Just one more on a long list, lol. And now that you mention it, that probably could have been half a dozen Mizer films. The dating looks and sounds right, so at least we have something.