Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Third place and a career decision?

Walt Needham was already a college student at the University of Utah when he appeared 
on this 1956 cover of Tomorrow's Man.  He was a good student and completed not only an undergraduate degree, but a PhD in clinical psychology.  After completing grad school, he 
worked for several years at the County Hospital in Salt Lake City.  Many of you will recognize
 the '56 newspaper clipping at right from my recent Utah Beef series.  Note that I underlined 
Dr. Needham's name and the location for the contest.  Later, he became a major advocate for 
the blind and made some incredible advancements as you will see in another post today.  Was 
this just coincidence, or did he see something during that competition that had a lasting 
impression on his character and career path?  Stranger things have happened.


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