Sunday, January 23, 2022

Peter Hujar with thanks to Larry K.

A long, long time ago, Larry K. sent me a group of photos by innovative American gay photographer Peter Hujar.  Rather than recite all this amazing man's accomplishments, I'll refer y'all to his reasonably well documented wikipedia piece: . We'll start today's group with a picture of Nicolas Abdallah Moufarrege made in Paris in 1980.  
Many thanks to Larry K., whose blog you can visit at:



  1. I like the casual pose, and the bright shafts of light across the male's body. And even if he isn't smiling, he looks comfortable and confident.

  2. Very nice series as Jerry often offers us!!
    Très belle série comme Jerry nous en offre souvent!!

  3. You're welcome, Jerry. Great minds think alike – I have my own series on Peter Hujar scheduled to appear on my blog on Feb. 6, two weeks from today. -Larry