Saturday, February 26, 2022

Snow extravaganza

Well, I decided I should do my annual snow series before winter is over.  This photo came to me labeled as early World War II Germans, but they are lacking the large identity discs that we see on a lot of those soldiers.  Did they doff their discs for the snow party, or are they really Finns who just emerged from their sauna?  They sort of look like Finns to me, and I know quite a few Finns.



  1. Brrr....Regardless of nationality, I admire their balls in doing that snow bath.

  2. I’m going with Finland and non military.

    1. The lack of an SA-Kuva watermark makes me think you may be right.

  3. This lovely photo of Finns having fun in the snow is why I visit this blog so often. You have a knack for obtaining such gems. I wish I could have been there with them. I would have provided so much hot chocolate.