Friday, October 28, 2022

Second "Retirement"

After a 40 year association with the Atlanta Falcons organization, Mr. Nobis retired for a second
 time in 2006.  He was beginning to experience some changes and problems that made his work difficult.  They trotted him out for one last time in #60 for the occasion.  Nothing, however, 
could keep him from his passions - - - football and helping the disabled.  As you will see, 
he still managed to do some really good things even as twilight set in.

Still fundraising for the Tommy Nobis Center

No longer having a full time job with the Falcons after his 2006 second retirement,
Tommy threw his considerable efforts into the Tommy Nobis Center.  It seemed like
he was always giving speeches and awards to promote it.  During this period, a fully
functioning warehouse operation staffed by clients was added to the Center.

Still Mr. Falcons

Even after he left his job in the Falcons' front office, Tommy Nobis continued to appear at 
events supporting what had by then become a fairly decent team.  Friends and family have 
said that he was basically a very shy person, but overcame it to become a good public 
speaker and more outgoing because of his passion for football and for helping others.

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