Sunday, August 6, 2023

Mixed odd lot

Half of these boxers are wearing their jockstraps on the outside of their shorts.  
Was there some practical benefit to this, or was it a joke or fashion statement of some sort?



  1. Wearing a jockstrap over underwear tends to be a habit in the hockey and ice hockey fraternity, because it facilitates the attaching of suspenders which are part of the (elaborate) underwear. Given the Union Flag on the shirt of the chap on the extreme right and barrack like buildings, I think we're looking at a contingent from the British army, as "England" is written beneath, in which case the flag would be the English national flag, the Cross of St George. The haircuts would indicate the 1950s and so I would guess this to be a group of national servicemen, doing their two years.

  2. Not many guys wear a jockstrap at my gym. But I've noticed 2 or 3 guys over the years who did use one, wriggling into it while wearing briefs. The first time I saw this, I thought the guy had never used one before, and didn't know how. With one guy, I gingerly asked if it's more comfortable wearing the supporter on top of the brief, and he said Yes, at least for him. We chatted a few minutes about the benefits of a jockstraps, freedom of movement, more secure support, etc. An enjoyable chat, after which we went our separate ways to work out.

  3. i hated having to wear a jock, so uncomfortable for me until a buddy told me to wear underware briefs then put jock over the underware, the teacher who checked us was ok with this too as soon as i left high school i threw it away lol