Saturday, November 14, 2020

Brian at the Beach
Although there is no photographer listed for this photo,
Bruce of LA was known to have used similar locations. 
And so did Dave Martin and Denny Denfield for that matter.



  1. I have a copy of this unattributed photograph but which was listed as the earliest of Brian Idol's images, taken at the age of 18. There is another full-frontal, dated to 1965, of Idol at 18 - with the same haircut - and was apparently published in "Mr. Sun", in the desert (California?). It is to be assumed this was a naturist publication which dodged the censorship laws.

    1. "Mr. Sun" was a pretend sort of nudist publication which was indeed intended to skirt the censorship laws. The photos were virtually all male, quite unlike mainstream nudist magazines. Wyngate and Bevins published quite a few of those.