Saturday, November 14, 2020

Brian the Boxer.
This unattributed photo isn't very convincing on a thematic level.


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  1. Depicting the subject of real guys as boxers 🥊 is a real classic, just think of Hemingway or Jack London. Since it was and is often used in the photography of male (nude) models too, the pose that Brian Idol takes on this picture is perhaps not exactly original, but very effective, which concerns the display of his youthful body. 💪 In particular, his sitting posture with bent legs and propped elbows, allows some of his body parts to come into special view. The tense, strong forearms, an interesting line of his chest muscles, the clear incision of his narrow tailie in contrast to his broad shoulders, as well as his knees, which are also quite strong. 🦵Two things, however, bring this picture into the focus of the viewer, and that is the thick, beautiful hair of his legs, as well as in the absolute center of the photo, his undeniably magnificent dick. 🍆 Long, thick, and equipped with a large acorn, it hangs over the edge of the small stool on which Brian has taken a seat, and in this way demonstrates to the viewer its really considerable size. The photo is a consistently successful composition, which brings out the advantages of Brian's body perfectly. 👍