Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Patagonia is the setting for this field anthropological photo of  Native South American.
Unfortunately, that's all I know about this impressive picture.



  1. He's probably Tehuelche, the so-called "giants" of Patagonia. What strikes me as weird is how nude he is, mostly because this struck me as too far south to be naked. The other thing is that he's apparently removed his pubic hair, which occurs sporadically throughout the Americas: In the eastern US, all hair was removed, so picture Pocahontas and her first husband Kocoum as bald. (Somehow John Smith's pornography is what everyone takes as gospel.) It occurs also in the jungles in South America. But for most of North America at least, it's maybe remove all, but definitely remove any stray hairs that your loincloth doesn't hide.

    1. I wondered about keeping warm that far south, too. Thanks for the tribal ID.