Monday, December 13, 2021

Ivan Myasoedov

This handsome character is Ivan Myasoedov (1881-1953) who was born in Ukraine and raised by a friend of his father, artist Grigoryi Myasoedov, because the elder Myasoedov refused to believe Ivan was actually his son.  Ivan emigrated first to Liechtenstein and then to Argentina, completing over 3000 works of art along the way.  He was a proponent of theatrical nudity, but poses here with a fig leaf showing quite a bit of bush.  In one of those nice tidbits of history I come across from time to time, Ivan is given credit for jumpstarting the Liechtenstein postage stamp industry which used his paintings extensively over a span of about 15 years.



  1. I have a lot of Liechtenstein stamps in my collection. I'll have to check for one showing his paintings. He is built nicely, if not well defined. Can't help but wonder what the equipment in his groin looks like.

  2. The sandals are priceless...

  3. I want those sandals. Great classical pose very Roman head.