Saturday, August 14, 2021


I have no idea why the trainer is rubbing salt on this athlete.
Mr. Scumbeast gave me the picture, and he didn't know either.



  1. Some athletes dehydrate badly and rubbing salt was thought to lessen the effects of it by letting the body absorb salt. Salt helps retain water/lessens sweat. I don't know if it's still done, but it was still being done when I was in high school (hundreds and hundreds of years ago.)

    1. My Dad used to make everybody on the ranch who worked outdoors in the summer take salt pills back in the 60s. It was supposed to avoid dehydration and heat stroke, but I think the practice has since been discredited.

  2. En frottant la peau humide avec du gros sel, les cellules mortes en surface s'éliminent. Une fois par semaine, ce geste affine le grain de peau, facilite le renouvellement cellulaire cutané et facilite la pénétration des substances actives des crèmes de soin...
    By rubbing the wet skin with coarse salt, the dead cells on the surface are eliminated. Once a week, this gesture refines the skin texture, facilitates skin cell renewal and facilitates the penetration of the active substances in skin care creams ...

  3. Medical professionals have discouraged, and banned when possible, the use of salt of any kind. Salt tablets dangerously cause high blood pressure and dehydration. Athletic/sports trainers continued this practice for decades against medical proof otherwise. Kind of like the antivaccers today.